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605 Bain Street
Springdale, Arkansas 72764

Phone: (479) 756-2851
FAX: (479) 756-2562

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Contract Electronic Manufacturing

We are a contract electronics manufacturer, doing business since 1995 in Springdale, Arkansas. Our high standards for quality of customer service, consistent product and aggressive pricing have helped us achieve constant growth each year.

We have an in house product development team that can solve your design and/or product modification requirements. For high volume production, we offer overseas sourcing, while maintaining the ability to have stateside inspection and engineering support.

What We Offer:

  • Prototypes, Any Quantity
  • Low Volume Assemblies
  • Medium Volume Assemblies
  • SMT
  • Through Hole

No Hassle Quotes:

Send us your bill of materials, assembly or assembly drawings, and any special requirements you have to complete the assembly. We will contact you promptly with a no hassle quote.

Email us for a quote or if you have any questions:

Quality Assured:

Every product we manufacture goes through our quality assurance department, where it is verified to IPC 610 class 2 commercial standard. Assemblies are tested using the latest test equipment if needed. Each assembly is packaged in a anti-static packaging, and shipped in a custom designed shipping carton.

Quality drives our company from the time we take an order until the product ships. Every employee takes pride in ensuring their part of the process is the best possible. We inspect to IPC 610 class 2 standards.

Components are verified upon receipt against the proper documentation to eliminate errors further in the process.

We have an anti-static program to reduce premature semiconductor failures. This involves procedures, special table mats, and employee heel and wrist grounding.