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Springdale, Arkansas 72764

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Quick Turn Service

We can build prototypes of your design in as little as seven working days. Give us your requirements, and we will show you just how easy getting prototypes can be.

Development Steps:

1) Initial specification
2) Project start
3) Schematic drawn
4) Gerber plotted
5) Board ordered
6) Board populated and assembly completed
7) Software development completed (as necessary)
8) Final inspection
9) Delivery of document package & prototype to customer
10) Customer sign off on completed development project

Quick Turn Service:

If you need to get your project moving fast, may we suggest the following procedure:
  • Give us a call, let's discuss your general needs, and our capabilities.
  • We will have a short design session on the phone. Even at this early stage
    valuable concepts are often generated.
  • Any ideas generated at this stage are yours to keep at no charge.
  • If you decide to proceed further, we will prepare and submit a detailed plan of
    design including milestones for the project, for your approval.
  • We want you happy and satisfied with us, on small design projects and on
    those much larger efforts. The majority of our advertising is "word of mouth",
    and we want you to tell your colleagues about us!