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Domestic Production - North American Assembly

We can place SMT components on the PCB at an astonishing speed of up to 12,000 parts per hour. This includes 0402 components all the way up to PLCC and SOIC packages.

True on-the-fly cameras insure accurate placement of critical components. SMT stencils are carefully aligned using high-resolution cameras for very accurate registration.

We have convection conveyor and chain type reflow ovens (see video).

We inspect at every stage of the process beginning with the solder paste application. Most products will be inspected up to seven times before packing. Quality is not only important to us, but we want to be proud to say it was made at Complete, Inc.

MRP Planning and Lean manufacturing principles insure we have efficient, structured production lines. We believe quality must be planned and built into the product from the beginning. The final inspection is a verification of quality instead of trying to build quality in at the last minute.

Functional testing is available using your test equipment or on a fixture designed and built by Complete, Inc.